Foot Pointing & Attraction-Warning! Don’t Miss These Signs of Attraction from Our Feet

It’s difficult to tell whether or not someone is interested in you. But their feet are always talking. Unconsciously, people point their feet in the direction of what they are attracted to.

It can be an exit sign or could signal interest in you. Instead of dropping hints and pining after someone who might not be attracted to you try paying attention to what their feet might tell you.

So, if someone’s feet are pointed towards you are they attracted to you? ​If their feet are pointed at you, (especially dominant foot), it is a sign that they may be attracted to you or interested in your conversation, but feet pointed off at someone else or an exit, indicates otherwise. Look for other signs like prolonged eye contact to verify foot pointing attraction.

The human body can’t hold many secrets. We can hide our facial expressions and avoid speaking our true feelings, but our body language especially our feet, will tell it all.

Do men’s feet point at what they want?

Yes, including if they want to get out of dodge.

Someone’s feet may betray their real feelings and tell you how attracted they are to you. In this article, you will learn what it means when someone’s feet point towards you, away from you, and other signs they are totally into you.

What People’s Feet Reveal About How They Feel

For any lady that has wondered if their partner is really into them or if their crush knows that they exist pay attention to their feet. The feet point in the direction that the mind wants to go in or is actively engaged in. If you don’t feel like you can’t be yourself around your crush, here is what you can do about it.

Is He Into the Conversation or YOU?

Feet body language male – When you’re talking to a guy, and his feet stay pointed directly at you, you know that he is at least interested in the topic of discussion.

You can test if he is just interested in what you are chatting about or if he is attracted to you. Change the subject and see which direction his feet go in. If they stay pointed towards you, then he is probably very interested in you and anything you have to say.

When a guy is talking to someone else, and his feet are pointed away, you know two things. The object of his desire is somewhere else or that he’s not interested in the conversation when you want to see if his feet point at you while he’s talking to someone else you simply have to stand nearby and pay attention.

Body language one foot pointing towards you – If you find yourself reading his feet and notice that they point towards different directions, don’t fret. Is at least one foot pointing towards you? Only pay attention to where his dominant foot is pointing, which for most people is the right foot.

So, if the right foot is pointing towards you and the other is facing outward, you still got his attention. When people walk, they usually lead with their right foot, and the left follows suit.

The same goes for involuntary body cues.

When Foot Pointing Body Language Doesn’t Apply

This trick won’t work in a crowd full of people where it’s hard to move around. It also won’t work if you are standing too far away. The body will only subconsciously react to people close by.

Avoid standing in front of other people, places, and exits. The feet will point in the direction the mind wants to go in, including straight past you and out the door.

You could also be standing in front of the guy’s next move be it the bathroom or a conversation with someone else.

Involuntary Signs of Attraction for Men and Women

Is staring a sign of attraction? and Does Blushing Mean attraction?

There are many involuntary signs of attraction, such as blushing, smiling, head tilting, and even blinking and you guessed it: Staring.

You might enjoy this article on what intense eye contact means.

Showing body language and interpreting it is a primal instinct used for safety and reproduction. Although we have evolved, we still use body language to communicate a lot more than we notice, especially attraction.

Most involuntary signs of attraction are subtle and hard to notice. The feet, however, will always betray signs of attraction in both males and females.

To witness a good example of an involuntary sign of attraction is to observe a couple in love. You will see that their bodies and feet are pointed towards each other.

Each person’s weight will rest on their right foot, and they will shift forward onto that foot. Their feet show that they want to be closer and that they are enjoying the conversation that they are having.

A woman may slowly move their foot up and down motion or rotate it in slow circular motions when attracted to the person with whom they are talking. (Guys, if you don’t feel like you can be yourself around girls, read my article: Can’t Be Yourself Around Girls? -Here’s What to Do About It.)

A guy will usually touch around his ankle when sensually interested in the other person. It may be a seemingly innocent move to pull up a sock, but don’t be fooled because he is practically shouting how interested he is in you.

What does it mean when a girl points her feet at you? It may mean she’s interested in you. It’s actually a pretty common body language cue that people use to signal interest. So if you see a girl pointing her feet at you, take the opportunity to talk to her. However, pay attention to other body cues like if she turns her body away from you or eye contact seems forced.

Other Signs He is Into You -Secret Cues

You can’t spend too much time staring at someone’s feet.

The good news is that there are many ways you can tell if a guy is attracted to you. All you have to do is pay attention to his facial expressions, actions, and involuntary signs of attraction.

  1. He listens to you. If he is hanging on your every word then you can be sure that he is very interested in you. Make sure his responses make sense and that he is actively listening to what you have to say.
  2. Raising his eyebrows when speaking to you. If you notice his eyebrows raise up it means he is impressed. This is an involuntary sign of attraction that says he is intrigued.
  3. Adopting a taller stance around you. This is a primal sign of attraction most guys don’t even notice they do. If you notice a guy doing this, he is subconsciously trying to show off his height and stature to impress.
  4. He keeps his eyes locked on you as much as possible. If whenever you go to have a look at him he’s already staring at you that is a good sign he can’t take his eyes off you or that he simply doesn’t want to.
  5. He has a hard time making eye contact. This might seem like it contradicts number four, but some guys are genuinely shyer than others. Chances are if you’re the only person he struggles with being confident around then you intimidate him. You might have to make the first move.
  6. He grooms himself around you. When a guy likes you he will fix his hair and adjust his tie, jacket, and shirt. He is trying to look more attractive because of the fact that he likes you.
  7. He smiles at you. If you find him flashing you a grin that extends across his face, including his eyes then that is a true smile. If he truly smiles at you he is interested. Men don’t smile as often as women do. They aren’t taught to use their body language to appease others.

Body Language in the Workplace

Now that you know all the ins and outs of feet pointing and what your feet can reveal about you, you may be worried about your messages your feet are sending to other people. Don’t worry. You can easily use this to your advantage in the workplace.

When you are having a meeting at work, or a simple conversation with a superior, keep your right foot pointing towards them. This will show them you are a listener and that you actively care about your job.

Why do guys walk with their feet out?

The same goes for watching their feet. If you are talking to your boss about something and you see the tell-tale signs in their feet placement that they want to leave the conversation, then you should end it quickly. You don’t want them to think you are overbearing or boring. If you see a guy walking with his feet out, it could be a sign of alpha or over compensating. It’s the opposite of pigeon toe like walk. While it could be purely anatomic, it often displays an aloof attitude, which women may often find attractive.

Smiling and Attraction

Women tend to communicate by smiling more than men. They are taught from a young age how to look friendly and attentive during conversations.

Men don’t use as many facial expressions as women. They don’t often feel the need to smile to make other people comfortable like women do.

When in the workplace women should try to only smile in the right context. Smiling on default is a sign of subordinate behavior.

Use your smile with purpose when communicating to anyone you work with. That way they will know that you take your career seriously.

What does it mean when someone looks at your feet? For starters, they may like your shoes (socks) or think they are attractive. However, when it comes to dating, body language is especially important. If you’re out on a date and you notice that your date is staring at your feet, it’s a good sign that they’re interested in you.

They may be trying to gauge your level of interest by looking at your body language. Are you crossing your legs or tapping your foot? These are all signs that you’re interested in what they have to say.

If you’re not interested, however, you may want to keep an eye on your own body language. You don’t want to give off the wrong signals. Otherwise, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation

What does all this mean?

People may be able to hide their emotions verbally during conversations, but their body language will tell it all. Interest and attraction are just a few of the things our body language reveals about us.

If someone’s feet or dominant foot points towards you, then they are interested in what you have to say, change the subject, if their foot stays pointing at you then it has nothing to do with the topic of conversation.

Since the beginning of human nature, our bodies have given off subtle clues and hints to those around us and the ability to interpret them. You can use your natural ability to read body language in the workplace and in your relationship.

Now that you know how to interpret foot pointing and other body cues you will not be left wondering whether someone is attracted to you or interested in what you are saying.

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