How Long Is 72 Hours In Days?

Use the time conversion calculator below to convert any number of hours into their corresponding days.

Simple Hours Calculator / Time Converter


If you are trying to figure out the number of days, you can convert any number of hours into the corresponding number of days.

With my time conversion program above, it’ll make it a breeze.

If you are trying to isolate business days it can be a little bit confusing.

Business Days vs Lab Testing

I used to work in a lab, so if the reason behind a culture, PCR test or antigen test is 72 hours, it is most likely to accommodate processing time and time for the swab virus to grow in a petree dish. So, if you get a PCR test on a Thursday and the technician tells you it’ll take 72 hours for your results, most likely you can expect to get your results on Monday. This is assuming that the lab is closed on Sunday.

It can be useful if you are trying to figure out financial processing or data record processing time, you may factor in that the financial institution is completely closed for the weekend. So, you may expect to add 48 hours to anything done after Wednesday to potentially be available on the following Monday.

Generally speaking, people will want to calculate hours by using whole days and since there are 24 hours in a day, essentially, we are dividing the number of hours you enter by 24.

In the software I programmed above, 24 hours equals one day.

Keep in mind that time zone can affect things a great deal.

So if you are traveling, you will want to remember that you will need to anticipate 3 days from the local time. For example, if you need a negative pcr test to be cleared to fly, make sure you find out if that includes weekends and add time into your schedule based on when you arrive or fly out local time.

It can be a little bit confusing when you consider that your working is often divided into eight-hour days. But usually when someone tells you that you can expect your lab results with 72 hours, that would mean 3 days. Use the conversion calculator above.

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