What Is An Air Of Confidence? Do You Have It? Spelling & Use

air of confidence definition
Anyone Can Possess an Air of Confidence

Recently I wrote an article about a woman who walked into the local Starbucks with an air of confidence.

It dawned on me that it may not be clear for many people what an air of confidence actually means. I thought I’d spell it out here.

So what is an air of confidence? It is when the composite of someone’s behavior, body language, and verbal communication give off a high confidence level.

Think back to some of the super hero cartoons you might have watched in the past. The main super hero is usually confident in their own powers and isn’t threatened by any situation they encounter.

You could say that they give off an air of confidence. Even their clothes and the colors they wear project confidence.

Probably the easiest way to understand air of confidence is to simply subtract the word air from the phrase. You could just say that someone has competence, is competent or appears competent. You can also say that they radiate a sense of competence.

Model with an Air of Confidence

A great way to envision an air of confidence is to think of a runway model. As they walk, the exude confidence. You can read more about a confident walk here. They are well put together and appear unaffected by the fact they are on stage.

Phrase Synonyms And Other Ways To Say “Air Of Confidence”

  • Radiate confidence
  • Exude confidence
  • Give off a feeling of confidence
  • Puts out a high level of confidence
  • Gives off a sense of confidence
  • Appear to be capable individuals
  • Comes off as competent
What does Air of Confidence Mean?

Corresponding Body Language In High Levels Of Confidence

You probably understand that a lack of confidence limits a persons ability to perform a task or to feel comfortable in social situations.

A confident person typically won’t give off a vibe of uncertainty. Their body language will be open, vulnerable, and they don’t typically avoid eye contact.

You may have heard the expression that someone is comfortable in their own skin.

I would add that putting off or giving off an air of confidence is more than just being comfortable in your own skin.

Comfortable in your own skin is more in the realm of not feeling threatened by any situation going on. In contrast, an air of confidence refers to being more than capable of handling any situation because you have the ability to create your own situations.

So being comfortable in your own skin is like the little brother of someone who has as an air of confidence.

Is there a confidence gene? Find out here.

How Does An Air Of Confidence Relate To An Air Of Superiority?

An air of confidence is quite different than an air of superiority. An air of superiority or an air of arrogance, refers to pretending to be confident, macho or giving off the sense that they think they have what it takes to handle the situation.

An air of confidence is rooted in much more solid state of mind. A good example of the difference can be seen in the character of Gustav from Disney’s Belle move.

How Do You Spell Air Of Confidence The Right Way?

Unfortunately the word air is a homophone. That means that it has several other spellings that all those sound the same. However, the meanings are quite different.

Here are the different ways that the word air from the phrase air of confidence is mistakenly spelled or cited.

  • Aire – This is old English for the word Air. So, you’ll need to remove the ‘e’ on the end.
  • Heir – This is someone who will rightfully receive something from someone, i.e. heir to the throne.
  • Ere – Old English meaning “before” It was night fall ere they knew it.
  • Err – Old English meaning to make a mistake often used in the statement: To Err is human, to forgive divine.

The best way to remember how to use air of confidence in a sentence is to think of air as atmosphere. It is the air that we breathe. It’s also used in things like air travel, air transport, air support, and air tanks for scuba diving.

In this particular case, it may be helpful to consider it a synonym to the word aura.

Maybe you have heard someone say you have an aura, which means they believe they can see the air around you.

An aura is usually a color as seen in Kirlian photography, whereas an air of confidence isn’t related to colors, rather, it’s more related to how you move, interact, and converse.

Another way to talk about an air of confidence is how you hold yourself, how you carry yourself in action and in deed, or how you conduct yourself in public.

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