Voice Projection in Public Speaking ~ Tell It Don’t Yell It!

The start of great voice projection is understanding breath support. Most people equate breath support to breathing but when it comes to public speaking it is more about tension and diaphragm expansion. Ultimately, voice projection is dependent on being able to control your diaphragm.

what is voice projection in public speaking

So, what is voice projection in public speaking? Voice projection in public speaking is how far your voice carries and how well you can be understood as your voice fills a room. Voice is carried in sound waves from your mouth to your audience’s ears. In essence, it is how far those sound waves continue without losing quality.

The best way to think of this is to consider what calm water does when you drop a pebble into it. It creates small waves/ripples. The heavier the object the bigger the waves. Vocal projection works the same way, but how you manage your breath (and relax your throat and neck muscles) will determine how heavy the object is that creates the sound waves.

How do you increase your vocal projection for speaking in public (even without a microphone)?

I go over some exercises for this in this post.

If you are in a career that requires you to get your point across, voice projection is vital and is the key to great communication.

Whether you have experience with public speaking or not, most professional speakers would agree voice projection is something that is indispensable to public speaking.

The problem is that often people who have a fear of public speaking don’t know how to get comfortable with public speaking, and tend to restrain their voice projection as a result of bad habits or nervousness that causes them to hold their breath or suppress their diaphragm.

Many people come to public speaking as they realize that speaking and executive communications go hand in hand.

Regardless of how you get there, if you are looking to enhance voice projection and be able to deliver your message effortlessly to boost your career or ministry, you are in the right place.

Here is what you need to know about vocal projection:

Most everyone has habits of speaking from the throat. They don’t even think about speaking from the belly (diaphragm) and are unclear on how to engage the diaphragm.

But proper vocal projection has its origin in good airflow (breath support) and enunciation.

You will also want to make sure that the sound resonates in the mask area (right around the eyes). See this article that demonstrates where this area is and how to access it.

To get an understanding of where your voice is resonating, pay attention (place a hand over the area) and notice where you feel the most vibration when you are speaking.

Chances are, it will be around the throat. As you increase or lower pitch and volume, you will notice that vibration shifts down to the chest area or up to the head.

Once you get the hang of all of this you will be on your way to great vocal projection during your next public speaking engagement.

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