Be A More Confident Woman – Steps To Owning Your Greatness

Many women in our society struggle with confidence. Lack of faith in who you are might be why you find yourself getting taken advantage of in various situations.

My lack of confidence had me quiet in a lot of instances where I felt I should have spoken up and a woman struggling with confidence can feel a loss of freedom or self-expression.

So how can a woman be more confident? For you to feel confident as a woman, you will need to fully accept yourself for who you are and who you are not. Further, you will have to give yourself permission to show yourself a level of love that no other can. You must take responsibility for taking care of yourself knowing you are worth it.

Here are some steps to help you embrace this concept and make the truth of it available for you personally.

  • Let go of irrational fears.
  • Embrace yourself.
  • Set aside time to re-energize and get to know who you are.
  • Don’t take life too seriously.
  • Don’t get upset by criticism.

These five things can radically transform your self-confidence.

When you stop letting criticism and what other people think about you tear you down, you will begin to enjoy your life.

When you love who you are, you aren’t bothered by what others may think of you.

Confidence is a necessity for everyone. Without courage, it becomes harder to achieve one’s goals. Let’s explores what makes a woman fearless and how she can be bold in the workplace and within her relationships.

Traits Of A Confident Woman

Some women seem to never struggle with confidence. Do you know a woman who is always bold and assertive?

Women who are confident all the time often share similar traits. You can adopt many of these traits into your own life and use them to become more confident.

Staying True To Yourself

If you find yourself agreeing with others often even when your own opinion is different from theirs, then you are actively diminishing yourself.

A part of being confident is believing in your views and being able to state them with conviction.

Fear of being different could cause you to have trouble being yourself in conversations. Being an outcast is an irrational fear because of how different everyone is from one another.

Sometimes it is hard for us to state our opinions because we are afraid of being wrong. We need to realize that being wrong is not the worst thing in the world. Making a mistake is a great way to gain the knowledge required to form better opinions.

Sometimes we might have trouble figuring out our opinions. If you find yourself struggling to develop your views, then introspection is a good idea.

You can take time to be alone and take a look at what makes you who you are.

Personal writing and meditation can allow you to create a peaceful environment to explore different parts of your personality. Explore how people and situations make you feel.

Dig deep within yourself without judgment and fear, and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Speak Up For Yourself With Confidence

Confident women do not allow themselves to be taken advantage of or disrespected. They speak up against aggressive behavior and to share their thoughts.

Do not be afraid to state what you don’t like. Too often, women don’t want to make others uncomfortable, but they don’t realize that by not saying anything, they are allowing rude behavior to continue.

If someone makes you feel like you are unreasonable when you speak up for yourself, then they benefit from you being stepped on. Get away from those kinds of people fast, because they are not going to help build your confidence.

Speaking up to voice things you do like is just as crucial as stating your dissatisfaction. It would be best not be afraid to share your ideas and thoughts. Believe that what’s on your mind is worth voicing aloud.

Let Go Of Fear

We often associate confidence with the word fearless, and there is a good reason for that. Lack of confidence can stem from many things, but these things are always rooted in a place of fear.

Fear of how other people see you can make it hard to communicate with others. The whole time you are talking to someone, you are scared beyond sound reasoning that you will say something you’ll regret.

Maybe you are afraid of being judged by others based on your outward appearance.

Fear can wreak havoc on our love lives as well. You might find yourself scared to let your partner out of your sight because they might cheat on you or find someone better.

These fears make you feel truly frightened as if you are in danger, causing us extreme discomfort. It is essential to reason with yourself, and you will see that these fears can not physically hurt you.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

In this new age of technology, the media bombards us with unattainable ideals of beauty and physique.

Some women can scroll through these images without it affecting their self-esteem, and some women can’t without feeling bad about themselves.

The main difference between these two types of women is that one is not comparing themselves to others.

They know that they are unique human beings that are beautiful in there own way, and they love that.

Why We Compare Ourselves To Others

We compare ourselves to others because we think that they have something we do not have, which results in us feeling envious.

Jealousy can be a horrible emotion. The feeling of wanting what we can’t have comes from being dissatisfied with all that we do have.

Envy of others can usually be fixed by expressing gratitude for all the things you love about yourself and your life.

Always Be Resilient

Sometimes we go through hardships in life. Maybe we lose our jobs, fail at something important to us, go through painful break-ups, or worse.

Confident women will always be able to come out of tough situations, smarter and stronger.

If you fail at something, remember to continue striving to become better, so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

You can’t give up on yourself if you want to gain confidence. Confidence means believing in yourself and your many talents even when you fail.

Be Positive

Looking at ourselves with a negative mindset is not healthy. It not only traps us in a horrible mentality with regards to ourselves; we also project those feelings onto everything around us.

It would help for you to be hopeful and passionate about who you are and whom you can become.

When we look at our accomplishments, abilities, and personality with a positive mindset, it results in us being happier within ourselves.

Being happier with ourselves results in us looking at the world in a transformative way. Suddenly instead of this looming dread, we will feel filled with positivity.

How These Traits Make You More Confident

These traits are not hard to obtain, and once you begin striving to master one of these traits, the others will become easier to do as well.

By always being yourself, this will help you see how valuable and unique you are.

That kind of self-love will motivate you to speak up for yourself in all sorts of situations without fear of making mistakes or being judged.

You never giving up even when you do make mistakes will show you that you can learn from them and that they do not have to tear you down.

With that confidence, you won’t feel jealous of others because you love who you are and the choices you make.

It will come full-circle once you implement one trait that a confident woman has. It is a sure method of becoming a more confident woman.

Fake It Until You Become It

If you struggle with changing your perception of yourself and truly believing you can use traits of a bold woman to become more confident then faking it could help (according to researchers).

If you act as if you can speak up with conviction or that you aren’t jealous of others, eventually, you will start to see that you actually feel that way.

We are the creators of our thoughts, and we can change them so we can live a happier lifestyle.

Did you know that even how we stand can radically change hormone levels, how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves?

How Confident Women Carry Themselves

The fear we experience on the inside is noticeable to others. Through our non-verbal actions, we can appear very insecure or incredibly confident.

Standing up straight with your head level and shoulders relaxed makes you look confident.

Speaking with confidence means taking the time to get your point across. Don’t talk in a panicky manner. Speak seriously and with an appropriate pitch to exude confidence.

Eye contact is a necessary thing for women to practice if they want to carry themselves confidently.

Some women feel uncomfortable when making eye contact. Eye contact can trigger fear and anxiety in an individual who has little confidence.

It will take practice and determination to overcome anxiety associated with making eye contact.

Avoiding eye contact is a visible marker of low confidence. You do not need to stare into someone’s eyes. When speaking, you need to look at someone and engage in the conversation.

Self-Care For Confidence

Self-care is your way of showing your body love. Taking care of your outward appearance will make you feel more confident when interacting with other people.

Keeping yourself clean and groomed is an act of self-love that will make you feel better about yourself.

Treating yourself to clothes that are flattering and fit well will help you feel comfortable in social settings.

We often don’t realize how much we require self-care until after we experience the confidence boost afterward.

Taking Care Of Your Health

Getting enough sleep at night can increase productivity and confidence. Not getting enough sleep often results in nervousness and fatigue throughout the day.

Eating well and being active can not only better your outward appearance, by helping with things such as weight and acne, but it also relieves stress and anxiety.

Addressing Weaknesses To Boost Confidence

We know what our biggest insecurities are. If you perceive your flaws as problems you can’t let go of so you can be more confident, then you need to take active steps to change that.

You may be able to change your insecurities through exercise, healthy eating, or education. You should be realistic and safe when trying to work on yourself.

You can also try counseling to help you change your mindset when it comes to your insecurities. A counselor will help you if you feel that your flaws negatively impact your daily life.

How Women Can Be Confident At Work

Confidence in the workplace is a must-have for women who want promotions, raises, and respect. Incidentally, here is the quickest to recover from failing at a previous job.

Stop Seeking Validation

Being confident at work means trusting in your skills and abilities. You shouldn’t need constant approval about your job performance unless you are training on something you’ve never done before.
You should be able to give yourself the validation you seek out in others. You should celebrate your progress and accomplishments to yourself.

Being Confident In Your Worth

Believing you are worth a lot to your employer will improve your productivity. You will spend less time doubting every action you take and more time getting essential projects completed.
If you are confident in your progress and work ethic when you ask for a promotion or raise, you will be able to list why you deserve it confidently.

Confidence In Your Actions

Confident women shouldn’t have to be told what to do often. They can start projects on their own. Believe in your ability to solve problems others can’t and that you have the knowledge to know what to do at work.

Speak up during meetings and when communicating with your superiors. A confident woman knows how to speak to others without fear of making a mistake.

Speaking up will show your bosses you have the confidence of a leader, even if they don’t respond well to your suggestions.

How Women Can Be Assertive

Being assertive means, you stand up for yourself appropriately in different situations. If you don’t allow others to mistreat you, that will help you improve your self-worth.

To be assertive one must be able to assess situations from different perspectives. You should consider where other people are coming from before you assert yourself. Actively listen to what others are saying before you react.

To be assertive, you need to be able to voice your opinion, bravely.

Speaking Up

Many women find it challenging to be assertive because they fear they will appear aggressive or moody. Aggressive behavior is inconsiderate and usually involves bullying of some kind. Assertive behavior is typically a response to aggressive behavior. Here are a couple of ways to deal with bullies. (Dealing with Adult bullies and Adolescent bullies)

Managers are often assertive, so standing your ground at work could showcase your leadership skills. You can still voice your opinion calmly and politely to set boundaries, even with a manager.

You may need to assert yourself in situations such as if your boss frequently gives you more work than you think is reasonable or if they pressure you into coming in on your days off.

Finding A Better Work Environment

Being assertive in the workplace is not always encouraged. In some companies, an employee is meant to be passive. That doesn’t mean you should allow your manager to bully you or disregard your feelings aggressively.

If you work somewhere that allows management to mistreat employees and doesn’t allow you to assert yourself properly, then it will be better for you in the long run to find a better workplace environment.

Taking Criticism (Like A Woman)

Sometimes we feel attacked, but in reality, we are just being criticized. Your manager or coworkers are not aggressive if they are simply giving you feedback on how to do your job better.

Being confident in yourself does not mean that you think you are perfect. If you are striving to be flawless, any criticism will feel like an insult.

You are not being insulted, in fact, constructive criticism is something you should thrive on because it means people believe you can become even better at what whatever you are doing.

How A Woman Can Be Confident In Relationships

  • Do not seek approval.
  • Give your partner space.
  • Pursue your passions.
  • Do not be jealous.
  • Let go of your fears
  • Do not judge your partner
  • Trust yourself to know when to end a relationship

Our lack of confidence can also give us an illogical fear of being cheated on or dumped. This fear will negatively impact how you interact with who you are dating.

The best way to handle being afraid is to tell yourself that if anything like that does happen, you can get through it.

Worrying about that sort of thing all the time is stressful and does not benefit you in the long run. If something you stress over does occur, then you put yourself through the stress of it twice.

If a relationship is causing you to stress out and it’s because your partner’s behavior is inappropriate or abusive in some way, then trust yourself to know when to leave that person.

Having confidence means you know when a relationship is not serving your needs. You should know that you don’t need that person to be happy, so you have the strength to leave them.

Having your own life apart from your partner will give you a safe place to heal during a break-up.

Final Thought On Confidence For Women

Confidence is a skill you can lose and build over time. Confident women are not just born fearless. It’s a skill you must actively work on to develop.

Understanding what a confident woman means and what traits you should work on to be more confident will benefit you in all areas of your life.

You will become a bold employee and a better leader when you learn to trust your abilities and assert yourself. You won’t let fears that don’t make sense keep you submissive at work, with partners, or at home.

You won’t let people you enter a relationship take advantage of you when you love yourself enough to walk away.

Being confident will make you a happier person. You will believe that you can achieve what you want in life. I know that by using the advice in this article, you can become a more confident woman.

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