About Kat Clukey

For me, the idea of transformation had always been elusive. (Remember this site is not just about body transformation. It is about transforming anything.) So stick with me as I explain.

When it came to transforming my body, it was all highly unlikely. My biggest obstacle has always been my weight. If I could use the techniques I talk about on my blog to transform that, then I had a winner that could help a lot of people.

I’ve tried every diet, weight loss miracle, workout program and pill you can imagine, but it didn’t make the difference.

Looking back I now know it was never going to make a difference because of my self-image and paradigm. I had a habitual way of doing life that kept me in a place (body) that I didn’t like.

I had to change my self-image on the inside first. I was programmed to be FAT (I’ll explain more about this in some of the articles). My self-image told me I was fat, and so I had to live as a chubby girl. The only time I lost weight was when I was looking for a new boyfriend or found myself in a tortuous relationship with someone who wanted me skinny.

It was always externally driven. I had to get my mind and my heart right before I was going to find the path to transformation.

But it wasn’t the weight loss programs that I did that made the difference. It was the personal growth courses I’ve done that ultimately opened the door for my transformation.

What I’ve discovered is that the same principles that helped me lose weight can help you achieve what you want like tripling your income, growing a business, or the one thing that has been elusive until now.

I have devoted my life to studying how we can grow personally. I’ve taken many courses by leading thought leaders of our time.

The most expensive course I’ve done cost $16,500. It was 5 days long. The longest program I’ve ever done was 7 months long.

Self-development is a fascinating world. I’m still learning, and I hope what I share with you here helps you on your journey.

You can be free of what plagues you. Get your mind right. Get your relationship with yourself straightened out, and get to know yourself as someone you have never been, and you can achieve what you want.

If it can work for me, it can work for you. Let me tell you about my background and a little more about me.

My Story

I came to the United States as an immigrant in 1995. I was 12 years old at the time. The catalyst to the whole event was that our house burned down leaving us homeless. At the time, my dad was already working in the US, and so he made arrangements for us to move to Florida.

The transition was a complex one, leaving everything I had known behind.


I have worked pretty much my entire life. I began sanding wooden furniture at the age of 6 to help my grandma who was paid by the piece. She worked for a factory in the Philippines at the time.

When we moved to the United States, I pretty much worked alongside my parents in various jobs to make ends meet.

At 17, I began working as a hostess at a Japanese restaurant. I started college to become a nurse and took on a second job working for a construction company during the day.

When I finished college I passed the NCLEX and became a Registered Nurse and was hired by Shands Hospital.

Eventually, I moved on to work as a GI nurse at a surgery center.

The Transition

While my career progressed steadily, I struggled in relationships. I felt like I couldn’t be happy in a relationship. I supposed it was because I couldn’t find the “right person.”

It all came to a head when I experienced a breakup that left me spiraling downwards. I remember going to Books a Million and buying 7ish books about healing your heart.

I’ll never forget what the cashier told me as I was leaving the checkout area. She said, “I wish you luck.”

I was searching to understand what was happening.

Fast forward a few years. I got married, got divorced. Nothing had changed.

It wasn’t until I got married for the second time (to Paul) that I realized I was experiencing the same issues that I had experienced in all of my previous relationships.

Like a good detective, I did the process of elimination and came to the conclusion that there was one common denominator with all these guys… It was ME!

I realized that our marriage was headed for the same ending as my previous relationships.

Like any good human, I asked God for help… I asked him to give me a sign.

I saw a post on FaceBook from one of the doctors that I worked with. He was inviting people to an evening session to learn about a program for self-awareness.

Unfortunately, I ended up in the wrong session, so I had to go to 2 different sessions. In the second session, my husband joined me.

It went horribly sideways in the beginning. During the session, people were invited to share what “wasn’t working” in their lives. Paul decided to share about our relationship. I was a minority female in the room of mostly men.

When Paul complained about the relationship, all of the guys chimed in agreeing with him.

I wanted to kill him. Thank God, the leader saw what was going on and redirected the conversation away from Paul’s complaints about me and moved him towards what he was contributing to the situation.

The leader’s name was Kim. I remember when she looked at me, it was the first time I felt like I mattered.

We went ahead and went to the seminar which was a weekend and evening session.

It ended up being a pivotal moment in my life.

From then on I realized that there was so much to learn, so much to discover who I am, and why I am the way I am.

It gave me an opportunity to erase the chalkboard to some degree and rewrite the story… rewrite my story.

The question only becomes, “Who do I want to be?” And the action becomes, what must I do now?

My hope now is that the feeling that Kim gave me by looking at me with that “You Matter” look, I will be properly equipped to give to you in whatever form, you need to experience it.

If you are here and have made it all the way to this sentence, I congratulate you (many quit way early), but you are willing to go the distance to know what is like to be handed the keys to unlocking your potential and opening up endless possibilities for your life.