Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

Why we recommend this book. If you have ever felt stuck, this is a great “come back” story that will leave you feeling inspired to do more with your life and live outside of what others expect of you. Begin to break your own boundaries by reading this story about a young black man who went from being the target of racial hate and living the make-believe thug life to an inspiring Navy Seal.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Why we love this book. This book provides a short-cut to understanding people and identifying what matters for yourself and others. You learn why you are never wrong for feeling a certain way and understand how to use the power of a smile at the right time.

Think and Grow Rich

Why we think this book is important to read. If you have ever felt like your life is on the meaningless side and that you can’t get what you want or feel like you don’t know how to go after what you want, you will find a sound way of thinking about all of this in this book. Understanding that you have a creative power that comes into existence when you are willing to pursue your “purpose” and assume the feeling that comes with achieving your goals already is probably one of the most profound things I’ve learned.

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Why you might want to read this book. If you have ever found yourself making a little progress ahead and then falling back into the same old routine or problems, this book shows you how to deal with this and really achieve the results and success you want.

What we got out of this book is that we all have a thermostat that warns us and kicks in when things are going really well. This internal thermostat tells us that something must be wrong when things start going right, which inadvertently sends us back in the direction of where we came from, falling back down to familiar places of defeat.

If you are wondering what activates this mechanism for you and what you can do about it, read this book.