About Confidence Reboot

Our Goal

We hope that the information that you find on our site helps you cope, create, and get access to the change in your life you want to make. Whether it be in the area of income, relationships, or physical transformation, we hope you will find the catalyst that helps spark the insight you need to get to the next level in your journey.

Our Readers and Customers

We have helped people transform their lives from entrepreneurs and health professionals to people who simply find themselves “stuck” in life, who find themselves at a crossroads of sorts.

Our Story

When Kat and I (Paul) got together, we faced many obstacles to a successful relationship. We struggled to reinvent ourselves after both going through divorce and experiencing tough times.

It was a rocky road for us, but what we discovered was that most of what we wrestled with wasn’t inherent to our relationship, rather it was the sum of our mindsets, expectations, and lack of awareness that dealt us the most difficult hands.

To save our marriage, like many, we went to a weekend seminar, that promised to show us our blind spots. The things buried in our un-awareness that controlled our relationship and results we were getting in our lives.

That first seminar was an “aha” moment for both of us as we realized we were just scratching the surface of what is really going on. It was like we had discovered the “matrix,” and we both knew that this wormhole went deep.

We were neonates in the world of awareness that had been hidden from our view for so long.

Unfortunately, one weekend wasn’t going to transform enough to get us where we wanted to go. Each of us took interest in exploring the world of personal growth.

We both wanted to stay away from the hype and get to know what is possible from a realistic perspective.

We discovered that our universe is governed by laws. Laws that most of us are unaware of.

As we began to research and attempt to understand each law, we became fascinated that you can actually play with these laws and get a new set of results. It’s a little like what we do when we play with the law of gravity when we skydive.

We began to embrace laws that we vaguely understood like sowing and reaping and discovered new ones like the law of compensation (which is how money works).

But before we could even begin to play with the laws, we needed to understand ourselves, and thus, we have spent the last 5 years studying daily on how we work, how our minds work, how are physical bodies work, how the laws work, and how God works.

During that time, I started a blog that became popular in the real estate investing niche. I recognized that through the power of the internet, I could get a message out to so many people like you.

In December of 2018, Kat and I had a conversation that would be the catalyst to ConfidenceReboot.com, and your reading this.

Kat and I had been talking about setting up a new website since she became a TIR Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute after studying so much personal development.

The scenario:

Kat was seated on the stairs and I stood in front of her on our beige grey tiled floor. I asked her a hypothetical, “If there were anything you would want to transform in the world for others, what would it be?”

She responded that if she could teach anyone anything, it would be “confidence.” She said that her life would have been so much different had she had more self-esteem, more self-confidence and self-belief.

She said it would be a game changer to anyone that needed a better relationship with themselves.

On Confidence Reboot, we aren’t peddling the “fake it until you make it” nonsense, or the “just believe” and you can do anything stuff.

We believe that there is a way to transform the very essence of how you relate to yourself through access to the “self-image” buried in our subconscious minds.

We believe that once you gain access to your self-image, you can change the way you see yourself, who you are and no longer relate to yourself the way life and others have always told you to relate to yourself, rather, you experience a new kind of power to tranform your world and the world of those around you.

I imagine these sound like big claims, but we have seen this type of transformation in our lives and hope that your life will be transformed into the one you have always wanted as well.

While it takes dedication and work, we can’t think of a better use of your time and resources than getting access to the building blocks that dictate how life goes for you.

Join us on the journey!